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Electric Vehicle Charger Controller (Dual Outdoor NEMA 14-50 Outlets)

$ 799.50 USD
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EVCC evSmartPlug AmpedUp! Charging Management
Inteset EVCC evSmartPlug Dual with AmpedUp! Networks Charger Management Software

EV Charging Station Management Software
Earn Revenue with AmpedUp! Inside

With AmpedUp! Inside technology, property owners can charge for the use of electricity creating a revenue center. AmpedUp! Networks offers several affordable subscription levels including a no-monthly fee, revenue share option.

  • Create a profit center with EV charging
  • Free, simple to use Apple and Android EV Driver app
  • Cloud-based, flexible, easy-to-use charging station management web portal
  • US-based service and support
  • Create Time of Use (TOU) fee policies by kWh or charging session time
  • Offer membership rates to certain EV drivers
  • Supports wait queues and reservations
  • Supports load balancing for large applications

Inteset EVCC evSmartPlug Dual

Smart EV Charging without the Fuss

The electric vehicle charger controller (EVCC) - evSmartPlug allows property owners to offer revenue generating EV charging without obtrusive, expensive, and unsightly charging stations. Drivers use their own portable charger included with their vehicle and just plug into the evSmartPlug - perfect for hospitality, condo complexes, retail, apartments, workplace, and garage parking lots.

Works with all Tesla portable chargers included with all Tesla vehicles as well as other portable EV chargers.

  • Only a fraction of the cost - an evSmartPlug is as little as ¼ the cost of other professional smart ev charger solutions
  • Provide EV charging at your property - attract EV drivers to your establishment and increase foot traffic
  • Earn revenue from EV charging - set flexible EV driver fee schedules by kWh or usage time
  • No bulky, expensive, unsightly charging stations - charging stations take a sizable footprint and can be unsightly. The evSmartPlug reduces this footprint and can add to the esthetics of the area.
  • Eliminate potential downtime of faulty charging stations - gain happy users with always-available charging
  • No expensive maintenance - Most EV charging stations require annual maintenance. There are no charging station maintenance plans or repairs needed using an evSmartPlug.
  • Easy installation - Any certified electrician can install the evSmartPlug.
  • Made in the USA

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evSmartPlug Universal Configuration with Light Post Mounting and Dual Covered NEMA 14-50 Outlets

outdoor ev charging plugs

The EVCC evSmartPlug Universal Dual can be installed on a common 5 x 5 vinyl post with night lighting for a clean, esthetically pleasing EV charging solution.

  • Perfect for outdoor parking lots
  • Useful night lighting
  • Esthetically appealing

Note: The light post and peripheral components in the above image are not included and are made up of common, off-the-shelf parts that can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon or any major home improvement chain. Inteset provides a complete how-to guide for certified electricians on assembling the light post with an EVCC evSmartPlug Dual on their website.

evSmartPlug Wall Mount Configuration with Indoor Dual NEMA 14-50 Outlets

EVCC evSmartPlug with Indoor Dual NEMA 14-50 Outlet Kit

The EVCC evSmartPlug Dual with the Inteset interior, dual NEMA 14-50 outlets is a great, low cost solution for wall mounted installations in parking garages. This setup provides a hassle-free environment with no bulky cables, tripping hazards, or broken charging stations. The outlets can be set up on a single 50 amp circuit or each on their own independent circuit. If using a single 50amp circuit, the EVCC will ensure a total of no more than 50amps is ever drawn from the outlets simultaneously. Each outlet possesses a "power on" LED while the outlet is energized.

Works with the AmpedUp! Networks Free EV Driver App and Charging Station Operator (CSO) Web Portal

EV Driver App to Charge Vehicles

EV Driver Apple and Android Apps

EV drivers can download the Apple or Android mobile app to easily access your evSmartPlugs.

They then plug their own mobile EV charger into the outlet and start charging using the app.

Set Fee Schedules

CSO - Set Fee Schedules

Using the CSO web portal, you can set fee schedules for the use of the outlets. Set the rate based on day of the week and time of day. Set fees based on kWh or time used.


CSO - Offer Memberships & Coupons

To provide discounts for special EV drivers, set up memberships or coupons - prefect for apartment tenants or workplace employees.

Coupons can be distributed for one-time discounts.

Wait Queues Reservations

CSO - Allow Wait Queues and Reservations

Easily set up wait queue and reservation options for the use of each outlet.

The is especially useful for busy charging sites.

AmpedUp! Networks Subscriptions Options

AmpedUp! Share Subscription

AmpedUp! Share

For homeowners and bed & breakfasts

  • Single charger (up to 2 ports)
  • EV driver Android/Apple mobile app for driver customers
  • Limited Charging Station Operator web portal
AmpedUp! Small Biz Subscription

AmpedUp! Small Biz

For small businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, strip malls, bed & breakfasts, Airbnb's, small offices, fitness clubs, salons, libraries

  • Up to 3 chargers (up to 2 ports/charger)
  • EV driver Android/Apple mobile app for driver customers
  • Charging Station Operator web portal
  • Set up custom fee schedules
  • Memberships
AmpedUp! Enterprise Subscription

AmpedUp! Enterprise

For property owners of apartment and condo complexes, large businesses, movie theaters, theme parks, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, parking garages, rental car companies, fleet, government entities

  • Unlimited chargers
  • EV driver Android/Apple mobile app for driver customers
  • Advanced Charging Station Operator web portal
  • Set up advanced custom fee schedules
  • Memberships and coupons
  • Wait Queues
  • Reservations
  • Load management

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