Charger Usage
Now that the NEMA 14-50 outlet and the charger mounting plate is installed, it is ready for use. Be sure that the 50 amp service panel circuit breaker dedicated to the charging station is set to the ON position before proceeding.
OLED Screen Information
The image below displays the information viewable on the OLED screen.
LED Status Indicator
The table below displays the possible status states of the LED.
Vehicle Charging
Follow the steps below to initiate a charging session with the electric vehicle.
Position the vehicle so it is close enough to the charging station so there will be slack in the cable when it is plugged into the vehicle. Be sure the cable is not tight as not to create a tripping hazard.
Plug in the NEMA 14-50 plug of the charger into the outlet and watch the OLED screen boot to the "Idle" state. If the charger is not on, press the Time or Amps button to start it up. Be sure the charger is on before plugging the connector into the vehicle charge port.

NOTE: The charger will turn off after 2 minutes of being in an Idle state to conserver power.
Set the charger to the desired charge level by pressing the Amps button. You can select from 10, 13, 16, or 32amps. You will notice the Set Amperage information will change in the OLED screen.
If you'd like to start the charging in a subsequent hour, press the Time button until the number hours is displayed that you wish to wait for the charging session to begin. You can select up to 9 hours. You may want to do this if the utility rate is less expensive during a certain time of the day, You will notice the Set Time information will change in the OLED screen.
Open the vehicle charge port door and insert the J-1772 connector into the charge port.
View the charger OLED and ensure charging has commenced.
When the charging session has ended, press the lever on top of the charger connector and pull the connector away from the vehicle charge port.
Coil up the charger cable and return it to the included carrying bag, or hang it on a hook ensuring that no cable is left on the ground (as not to create a tripping hazard). The charger will turn off after 2 minutes of no use. Pressing Time or Amp button will turn the charger back on.